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  1. I guess this would be a more appropriate section for my issues as opposed to the hardware section.

    A few details about my setup first. The components of my self-build are listed below. I use for my charting and LightSpeed as my trading platform.

    I have had no issues until I changed my set-up. I have 4 monitors running simultaneously as always, but now I have many more charts (e.g 9 on monitor 2) running at the same time.

    My issues occur 2-6 times a day, where I will get a prompt (from AVG - anti-virus - saying something along the lines of my memory usage is too high (e.g. 826MB) and that I need to shut down Google Chrome or it may slow down. A few minutes after that, one of two things happen. Either will crash with a message saying: "A Plug-in Has Crashes, Silverlight Plug-in Crashed" (everything else functions fine) or everything freezes and I have to reboot.

    I have a SSD, so the boot-up process is speedy and so far I have been okay in trades. However, I know that if I don't get this sorted, one of these days I will get jammed pretty good :eek:

    The CPU runs at between 6-27% most of the times and the memory uses about 4GB (I have 8GB). I really don't understand where the bottleneck is getting caused, if that.

    I humbly ask for help from those who should be working at Geek Squad, but just happen to be great traders :D

    Thanks in advance,


    <img src="">
  2. Processes:

    <img src="">
  3. Performance:

    <img src="">
  4. Monitor 1:

    <img src="">
  5. Monitor 2:

    <img src="">
  6. Monitor 3:

    This shows the crash with the message on top "Silverlight Plug-in Crash"

    <img src="">
  7. Monitor 4:

    LightSpeed Trading Platform

    <img src="">
  8. I just realized that these images are gigantic. My apologies; I have no idea on how to make them smaller.

    If any additional info. is required, do let me know and I will forwards it.

    Thanks again,

  9. LEAPup


    Sam Freetsockcharts has the graphics people like. I just came home, received your pm, and can tell you that the absolute guru with fsc, is far from me. He goes by mark1 here, and yes, I named a national holiday after him with all of his efforts with fsc. I can't speak for him, but maybe he will chime in here, and give you the advice you need.
  10. Hi Sam:

    I am not sure what's going on either. But I would suggest trying to use a different browser, such as Internet Explorer or FireFox to access

    I have tried using Google Chrome once. It did some weird things. I didn't like it. I had uninstalled and deleted it since. From the Task Manager it seems Chrome has lots of processes running. Are those all your Chrome browser instances?
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