Are Evangelicals the New KKK?

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  1. I have very little respect for Huckabee and evangelical Christians after what they did to Mitt Romney and the Mormon faith. I'm not Mormon, but even so the prejudiced and mean-spirited attacks on Romney offended me. To attack a candidate for his faith is just sick. Romney has good conservative credentials -- so what if he's Mormon?

    This whole episode provided a little window into how evangelicals think -- if they hate Mormons, what do they think of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, gays, etc.? I'm starting to wonder if evangelicals are the new KKK. They sure as hell ain't actin' Christian.
  2. Why would you say they "hate" mormons? I haven't heard anything that suggested that. Same with the other groups. Thinking homosexual activity is sinful, as all major religions maintain, is different from "hating" gays.

  3. sounds like you know nothing about mormonism, so how do you know what huckledork said was false? and another thing Mitt is a chickenhawk war monger. do you support illegal wars where millions of innocent people were slaughtered? mitt endorses illegal torture too and is a member of the CFR. what a pure scum bag this miscreant is. yet.. he's your man... please let me go vomit.
  4. It's obvious the evangelicals hate Mormons when they call it a "cult." Polls of evangelicals say many would never vote for a Mormon candidate even if the candidate supports the same positions the voter wants. When you reject someone solely due to creed, that's bigotry.

    It's the same thing that was done to Harold Ford, the black Senate candidate from Tennessee: opponents ran a radio ad that had tom-tom drums playing in the background. That's a code telling the white audience, do you really want a black in office? Huckabee did the same thing. He played the "anti-mormon card" and said code words to rile up anti-Mormon feelings.

    Huck is a bigot.
  5. what is wrong with what huckebee asked? it is a legitimate question.
  6. Huckabee may be a bigot but Romney did this to himself. His "Kennedy speech" was none of the sort. He claimed that religious faith was a central factor in electing presidents. If so, then he should expect others to attack his religion.

    This is the major difference between Romney's "Kennedy speech" and Kennedy's original speech. Kennedy made an assurance that he would not govern according to his religion therefore removing the fear that he would pledge allegiance to the Pope rather than the people of this country. If Romney did the same then his Mormon religion would be a none issue.
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    It's funny how the "minorities" constantly criticize white people. The truth of the matter is there's not very strong membership for the kkk or a nazi party. Actually I don't think it should be a big deal if you were a white nationalist as long as your not part of Hitler's army why the hell would it bother you. You know there's so many "minority" gangs who btw are responsible for most violent crimes but nobody really bats an eye to them and anyone that does is labeled a racist or if you are not problack/probrown and at the same time against the white race.
    At least that's how it seems to me because they follow their own agenda as a group. These people get away with alot of bull shit ie crime, special treatment in the workplace and school. All they do is play the race card and claim how scared they are from the past. The racism cry is not just a cry it's also a double-standard because they allow racism as long as it's not done by white people. In fact they have all kinds of Asian, Black, Brown groups but white groups are not allowed to exist in peace. When I was young I used to get followed around by blacks and hispanics that would call me racial names and try to pick fights with me. I was very quite but they would call me names like white boy and threaten me.
    It wasn't just one or two either it was more like dozens. That's pretty hard to deal with when your young but nobody ever batted an eye and I had to deal with it. It didn't dawn on me till I was a teenager that it was because I had blue eyes and my European name. I come from that stock and that is not a crime and I belong of that race. If you think that makes me a nazi you must be a real sick idiot. Nevertheless blacks and browns parade around like nazis but there was never any authority to stop them. It just seems like when you get even one black or one hispanic in to a position of power they abuse it by playing double standards. This histaria over the kkk and hitler is just ridiculous. It's supposed to be a free country. If blacks, browns, asians can have their special groups whites (the real minority) aught to be able to have white groups with a white agenda.
  8. In the 2nd grade we learned about paragraphs.

    Down with blackie!
  9. Evangelicals are the "old" KKK, seems to me.
  10. Excellent point. In fact in his speech Romney clearly indicated that he does not see atheists/agnostics as part of this country. His speech insulted every atheist in America, if this is not bigotry I don't know what is.
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