Are ETFs shortable stocks?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by tyrant, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. tyrant



    I read a past thread saying that SPY and QQQQ are not shortable under Interactive Brokers. However, I have checked their shortable lists and both SPYs and QQQQs are there. I have also checked that USO is there but when I check the "availability", it is "3,000". How I am supposed to know that I can short, say, USO given the availability amount? Are all 3 of them shortable?

    Really appreciate if someone could clears things up.
  2. All 3 (spy, qqqq, uso) show "green" in my TWS, i.e. they are shortable.
  3. tyrant


    What column do you add to TWS to see "green" or I suppose "red"?

    What if after you are short, the color change to red shortly after, or the next day, do you then have to cover?????:confused:
  4. Ultras are shortable also (SSO, QLD)...can be beneficial based on price versus the inverse.
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    These largest of etf's are not always shortable. I tried shorting the q a few days ago and I got the box that said they would have to locate shares.