Are equity traders more liberal than futures traders ?

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Are equity traders more liberal than futures traders

  1. I trade mostly equities and lean to the left

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  2. I trade mostly equities and lean to the right

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  3. I trade mostly futures and lean to the left

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  4. I trade mostly futures and lean to the right

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  5. Why are you wasting time with this poll when there is a clean-up on aisle 6

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  1. This has been my impression of the few professional traders that I have met in the real world, and also my take on those on this site. Those who actively trade [primarily] equities seem in general, to lean to the left side of the political spectrum, while those who actively trade futures only, tend in general to lean to the conservative side of the political spectrum.

    So, lets see.
  2. 0-0-0-6-0. Confirmation of the obvious. People who pay taxes lean to the "right". :cool:
  3. No input from our left leaning brothers and sisters ??
  4. It's that time of the day where they need to head out and get in line at the homeless shelter.
  5. So... maybe I should trade futures?

    I know plenty of traders, some really good, most not good at all. Think most of the good ones lean right (probably cause of taxes).
  6. Something interesting about the poll, and something I have suspected for a long time, notice that there is only 1 person who says they lean left and actually trade for a living....

    I knew all the dems on this site were failed traders, this poll simply confirms it.
  7. Hillary Clinton "hangs out" here occasionally. :cool:
  8. She is one helluva cattle trader !:D
  9. I'm fairly confident that people who refer to those who disagree with them in unrelated matters as being "failed traders," probably have their own trading "issues" to resolve. If it's the first thing that comes to your mind when you wish to disparage someone, then it must be at the forefront of your thoughts. Get well soon.

    As for left leaning traders, I suppose you question the ability of guys like PTJ, Soros and Buffett to turn a buck in the markets? (No doubt, they falsify their blotters in the P&L thread. Right, Steelers Baby?)
  10. Now, slooooowly remove your foot from your mouth, and when you feel like posting your blotter go ahead and prove me wrong. Last i checked Soros, Buffet and PTJ are not hanging around on elitetrader, with the likes of 1 lot sim traders like you.

    [​IMG] :D

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