are employment contracts pretty common?

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    non-competes are a joke. dont let that influence your decision at all. where companies really have control of you is when they withhold part of your compensation until you fulfill the terms of the contract. then you are stuck there. but a non-compete is completely unenforceable legally plus its a hassle for them, too, to sue you. nobody really wants to go through all that crap.
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  2. Much depends on the quality of the firm. These sorts of contracts are not uncommon, though.
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    thanks. i get euronext for nico but found harrison site. not much info there but i will send email

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    harrison had a really laid back atmosphere when i interviewed...something you don't see very often with these companies. it's funny, the aptitude test they give you is only like 4 minutes long. they are really easy to talk to by the way. as long as you do well on the test and don't freeze during the interview, then you'll be fine. for whatever reason my brain wasn't working well that day and i screwed up on the test, and therefore did not receive an offer, even though the rest of the interview went great.

    nico was very very serious and uptight during the interview process. probably too uptight for me. i think they had about 6 or 7 different guys interview me, even a harvard grad. on a more positive note, everyone there just flat out radiated dollar sign. i really got the impression that the guys who succeeded there just made a ton of money. they did admit that only about 1 out of 20 make it. these guys gave me 3 full rounds of interviews, but they never asked me anything too dificult. they weren't "out to get me" or anything, like some other companies. as of a couple months ago, they still had a website, and i don't think it was anything more complicated than maybe a or something similar.

    ctc was a campus interview, so it's hard to say what they might be like during a real one.

    good luck!
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