Are dual processor machines necessary ?

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  1. Is a dual processor machine really needed to trade? From everything I read, all you need is a 1 gig single processor machine with about 256M ram and a cable/dsl connection and you're ready to go. Most software programs don't require that much processing power.

    Obviously when it comes to system optimization and backtesting through volumes of data you'll need more horsepower.

    My question is : Are you getting that much performance enhancement from a dual processor machine?
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  3. As the owner of a dual processor (986) "Don't do it"read Baron's advice in the hardware section under core components. I would spend the money on more Ram (512M and up)
  4. Not only in trading, but in general, they ARE overkill. If you must though, go over to eBay and get one for $0.30 to $0.35 on the dollar. Many of my clients are operating multi-processor setups and are happy that they function. But until software in general changes its lay, you're probably not going to see any MATERIAL operational differences that would warrant a purchase. I always advise this move with a caution in speed enhancement expectations. :)
  5. I will second this comment. For two processors to be used the software has to be capable/programmed to split the logic into 2 or more processes/threads that can utilize both processors. IF the software isn't capable of this (and most isn't) then having a dual processor machine is fairly pointless.

    As far as having a machine that is capable of trading... you really don't need much. Just make sure that you have at least 256MB of RAM.
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    For me, yes.

  7. please elaborate.....With your knowledge perhaps you are able to configure your set up......but for the rest of us that are not as computer literate as you...would a dual processor really help? Perhaps you do not want to elaborate as you will become the 411 of ET.

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  8. No, but nice ...
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    What about the Intel hyperthreading chip. Any one seeing permformance enhancement there? Is there some sort of a double L2 cache arrangement or does the single thread separated into two have to use the one L2 cache?
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    The servers that scan the data for arb opps aren't at least quads or eight way?

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