Are Democrats inherently stupid?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Steelers Baby, Dec 16, 2009.

Is there a fatal flaw in democratic thinking?

  1. Yes most Democrats are of below average intelligence.

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  2. No, while it is probably not their fault, due to learning disabilities, Dems love bigger government.

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  1. I will admit that for the most part the only Dem's i have met are off this site, so my assumption may be flawed, the question is, "Are Democrats inherently stupid," Or, do they just support flawed opinions for the sake of argument?

    I really do not understand how someone could be dumb enough to support bigger government. Do you think most Dem's would suport the majority of people being poor just so no one is "rich" cause that seems to be their argument in 99% of the cases. I am pretty sure (based on the Dems off this site) that if the U.S. had a poverty level similar to somalia most Dems would be happy, as no one would be "richer" then anyone else.
  2. I saw Shiller up at Yale comment that during times like these when the gap between rich and poor widen out, there should be a tax instituted to balance things out. I know I posted the GINI index here a few times to see it deleted but as long as the rich get richer and the poor get left behind, the system is not going to last.

    The current private run healthcare system is a joke. A govt run system may work in Europe but with Americans living at McDonald's, the cost to keep the irresponsible alive will crush the system. Simple solution: No insurance, no govt run system, let evolution run its course. If your arteries are clogged with fat because of all those years getting the number 3 at the drive thru window and can't afford the surgery, then that's your fault. Go die in a corner.
  3. Why do people like you always ignore Reagan's expansion of government, Ford's expansion of government, Nixon's expansion of government, Bush 1 & 2's expansion of government...

  4. I agree with the second paragraph, i would let the irresponsible people die out, DARWINISM AT ITS FINEST, there is no reason that a person who has chosen to be irresponsible their entire life should be allowed to live off someone else, or ON MY DOLLAR, THIS EQUATES TO PEOPLE ALLOWING CRACK ADDICTS TO LIVE ON MY DOLLAR.

    And before some Dem retard accuses me of not having a heart i will tell you this, i am not the healthiest individual in the world, but i have always made a point of making enough money for my own expenses. IF I WAS PUT INTO A SITUATON WHERE THIS WAS NOT A POSSIBILITY MY LIFESTYLE WOULD CHANGE DRASTICALLY IN A FRIGGING HEARTBEAT.

    The problem is that Dems have no concept of personal responsibility, I believe this is what the (liberal) justice system deems Insane, thus the reason for this thread.
  5. Maybe because in less than a year Obama has expanded government more than the last 5 Presidents combined and he hasn't even got most of his agenda through.
  6. Why would you give a rat's ass?
    You aren't even an AMERICAN citizen!

    You must be one of those paid "posters" from Malaysia . . . kind of like those Dell computer support workers in the phone bank in India, right?
    At least they don't even try to begin to pretend to know anything about America, not like your pathetic soul who claims to know everything about America, but in reality knows absolutely nothing.

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    It's ok.
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    Happy Holidays Mr. Malaysian citizen.
  7. So maybe the only principle of republicans is "To hell with the Constitution...we can do whatever we like as long as it isn't as bad as dems..."

    You really are one dumb forking hillbilly...

  8. I'm kind of in the middle here. I dont think people should have to pay for others healthcare, but on the other hand the health care industry is littered with corruption and too much bureaucracy that health care cant possibly be afforded by anyone but insured and the rich. What needs to happen is we need some mexican style pharmacies on every corner. No prescription needed. If you want, you can look up your symptoms on the internet and buy the needed medication. That would cut hospital wait times by 90% The hospital would then be able to lower rates because they dont have to staff so many doctors & nurses. Also there would be a whole lot less malpractices suits if people were self diagnosing which means less insurance premiums for doctors who then would not have to pass the costs on to the sick people who do get help from them. Personally I think they should get rid of insurance completely. I've had to go the hospital in two different 3rd world countries before and the level of care was just as good as the US, but about 1/10 to 1/20th the price for the same treatment(or less).
  9. And in other news, Landis82 makes on great call on the S&P500 on Oct 23,2009 .