Are cryptocurrencies SERIOUSLY undervalued? ENTER ALL CRYPTO MARKETS

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrencies' started by orbit23, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. orbit23


    Crypto seems heavily undervalued, based on the technicals and the sentiment. Bearish sentiment at HTF pivotal area - THAT'S A BOTTOM FOR ME!

    TRX, XRP, ETH, BTC - YOU NAME IT! Buy it now, and what are the odds that you won't make money in a few weeks time? Very low IMO.

    VERY nice risk-to reward ratio, as either we are buying the bottom, or this shit is goign way lower. Very nice trade. Add to positions if the markets start moving up. Buy on the scale up.

    P.S.: I'm not talking about a new bull run, but a few weeks of relief rally with 20-50% gains on coins like TRX. That's certaintly possible IMO.
  2. maxinger


    It might get even more undervalued.
    Because cryptocurrency is one of the very few things in the universe where supply is infinite and indefinite.

    Now it is at 4 digits level. It might hit 3 digits level.
  3. orbit23


    Yeah it might, how do i make money off of that?

    I'm implying sh*t is potentially a very nice buy right now. Short term to mid-term bottom atleast/relief rally/whatever you want to call it. Bear markets have very nice rallies.
    Possibly. Likely.
  4. How can you say it's undervalued?

    What is the "fair value" of, let's say 1 bitcoin?
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  5. orbit23


    Forget the undervalued term. I used it as a joke because i did a few similar threads.

    Fair value is whatever the market price is. In crypto, it's a pure pump and dump.

    Higher time frame pivotal area and bearish sentiment on retail traders. This is how bottoms form in cryptos. Time and time again. A repeating phenomena.

    There's no absolutes, but the probability is so damn high and the risk to reward is so damn good, it'd be stupid not to take this trade.

    Everyone has just learned to short and soros is buying them out. Just look at bitfinex btcusd longs, someone has been accumulating heavily for the past 2-3 weeks. Waiting for what one would call, a soros green candle to the upside and liquidation galore to start rolling.

    To draw some parallels, i would say we are in similar situation as we were in April of 2018. Feels the same. So we could get one last rally, and then probably years of nothing. If we were looking at a yearly candle, i suspect we will start the year to the upside, painting a green candle, but then at some point throughout the year we break below the yearly open and the crash continues.
  6. maxinger


    Talk about day trading.
    BTC futures is one of the worst futures to trade.
    its volume is pathetic, and day range is not that great.

    There are other much better things to trade like Index futures, gold, oil, bonds
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  7. "Are cryptocurrencies SERIOUSLY undervalued?"


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  8. orbit23


    I've changed my mind. Crypto might be overvalued now. Abandon mission.
  9. tsznecki


    Explain how you would get 51% of BTC hashing power and how much it would cost in order to change the supply constraint of BTC to not 21M.

    That's right, you can't. Go read Wikipedia.
  10. tsznecki


    BTC futs on CME regularly move 10%. What other instruments move like that? You can't capture that, you are a shit trader.

    Of course you could trade the real derivatives on Bitmex, Kraken, Deribit but that requires actual effort.
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