Are Cramer's calls really no better than

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  1. Ricter


    throwing a dart at a list of stocks?
  2. I don't love money enough to listen to that schizophrenic.
  3. zdreg


    ultimate reality show

    are you familiar with death watch stocks.
    people buy stocks because they expect major holder or ceo to die.

    cramer is the ultimate reality show. he will either get a stroke or die on the show.

    i bet someone could get an office pool going as to the date.

    morbid,, disgusting distasteful but true
  4. More likely a CramerBasher will stroke out while posting a stupid message here at ET.
  5. mlipsky


    interesting, at least, for this is a new phenomenom. witness the disclaimers at the start of the show... it's a whole prospectus. ever seen that before? he is unquestionably moving stocks...
  6. Wow, you people devote more threads to this man than any other person. Read my other posts in response too all the Cramer Bashers out there. Follow him or don't. Some people have achieved phenomenal gains from his calls and some haven't. Get the fuccck over it.
  7. reading his book and listening to him it seems that the only money that he made was by getting the info first, and using his old days goldman contacts. since that game is over hes on tv tauting not sure what.

    funny guy regardless of anything

  8. Chat room scum have been moving stocks, faster and harder for 7 years.

    Why you shocked that a man on TV can do the same thing?
  9. OGGI


    Does Cramer have any money? If so, how did he make it?
  10. mkmps


    I agree he is annoying abit, but the guy has a lot of good ideas. i think having a guy like that watching the market for you is great. I believe his way of analysing the market is way beyond what a average investor could come up with, or for that matter and an average elite member IMO. Cramer's deductions re some issues sans the lightning round, have real value-added to my current investment strategy in general, and I am not embarassed to admit it.
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