are craig list call girls ok looking?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by riddler, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. riddler


    i see pics and am wondering if most are slobs? how can this be verified and how can we minimize dealing with some cop?
  2. Rent a Benz, Slather on lots of "instant tan", have a set of golf clubs in your back seat, and tell them "call me Tiger".

    You'll get some of the better looking stuff then.
  3. what the fuck is this country, prostitution is still illegal? what kind of a third world country is this? cops are wasting tax money on trying to get hookers and those who pay for this service? wtf, why work and pay taxes in this country, ya it's better to waste time on finding a gf or getting married, ya that's way smarter and more efficient! wow what a country, I'm amazed, good thing you have a smart monkey as president ... americans need their brains checked, you guys have serious issues, it's fucking 2010 for fucking god's sake
  4. It may be "safer" to use or instead. :cool: