are charts really important ????

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by boobaies, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. boobaies


    anyone here trade only using L2s? i dont want to study TA sounds like a bunch of hokus pocus and shit i dont want to spend 100 bucks for some bullshit charting software
  2. Brandonf

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    Then just use level two and lose your entire account. The good news is that you save $100 per month while your at it so that you dont have to buy some piece of shit charting program.
  3. Div_Arb


    Yeah that $100 bucks a month will buy alot of beenie weenies and vienna sausage when you are broke.
  4. What do you plan on doing?
  5. boobaies


    scalping high volatility stocks getting 4-5 cent gains.
  6. auspiv


    and you dont want to spend $100 on some charting software? good luck. you'll need it.
  7. bstay


    Just do it! Keep us posted on your P&L.
  8. boobaies


    ok so i guess nobody ever did this b4 wow..
  9. No one has the faintest whether you're yet another noob with a brilliant but untested idea or someone with two clues.

    So, half of the replies to your thread are facetious (lol, i don't want to learn xxx because its just bs, I liked that one).

    Post in the P&L thread so we can all watch your chartless progress - perhaps you'll have 100s of followers soon.
  10. IZG



    Could anybody help me with some info? I would like to draw and analyze some butterfly charts, e.g.

    4 * Schatz - 3 * Bobl + 1 * Bund, or
    Short sterling:
    1 * Dec '08 - 2 * June '09 + 1 * Dec '09.

    And some others...

    Does anyone know where can I find a software for this?
    I have tried many. ProRealTime can handle spreads, but can't handle butterflies...

    #10     Aug 15, 2008