Are Blanket Currencies A Solution ?....Maybe Not....EURO ?

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    Countries are indigenous to their are their issues....

    The telling sign of success/failure of a blanket currency is when severe financial problems requiring "bailouts by their peers arise".... the EURO going to work out ?

    The implications for the US currency ?

    Lessons learned ?
  2. Milton Friedman said the Euro wouldnt survive it's first crisis.

    I'm sure a lot of Dollar bulls here would agree.

    Stress between Western Europe and the rest is high but is there a breaking point somewhere and where?

    Who knows.
  3. For the record, I am a Euro-optimist...
  4. This is rather massive news - not sure I agree with it, but I would have expected it from Evans-Pritchard.

    A small bloomberg clip that doesn't seem to be carrying any weight elsewhere - especially in EUR/USD at the moment.

    Bring back the Drachma.
  5. Illum


    Ireland is in a heap of trouble:( They talked about this possibility last year, except they also included Spain as having to leave.