Are banks/energy a foreshadow of things to come?

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Are banks and/or energy a foreshadow of things to come?

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  1. Many are staying the decline in energy indicates bad things for equities in the near future. Further, other equities cannot significantly climb with bank stocks so low.

    Is this good analysis?

    Apologies if this is a bad poll...
  2. What does your level 2 data tell you? :cool:
  3. u still long at 1332?

    Ammo response
  4. How stupid are you really?

    In case you did not notice, I stated that I remained bullish above 23 that day and the market did trade up to 32 from there, while you said, "Please don`t be long, it`s a trend day."
  5. ============
    Good question.

    Election years tend to be UP.NOT a prediction;
    simply probabilities:cool:

    BIG BANKS[C,BAC...downgraded BIG banks/PIG banks] are not a substitute for the banking sector;
    many times ,small banks do well, especially if not overly regulated.Not a stock tip.

    Usualy can find good uptrends/sectors;
    good downtrends/sectors, same market.

    While many are still crying about the real estate market;
    for closures are a good time to buy. Not that i think RE has hit a bottom-real estate bear markets/buyers markets/downtrends are by definition ,full of bottoms:cool:

    And with BAC calling a real estate bottom[2012,lol];
    probably increases the chances its not close to a bottom:D Some real estate appraisers are talking ''ice berg inventory''