Are bank accounts really safe?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by MiniDowTrader, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. I get the feeling that I should be at my local Susquehanna Bank branch this morning withdrawing a few grand in case things get really bad between now and Monday. Any thoughts?
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    poor tellers.....
  3. Up to FDIC insurance limits are safe. They'll print as much money as necessary if required...
  4. A friend called me late last night to say that her Credit Union was seized. Forgot the name, Valley something...

    The good news is, even after the seizure, she had enough time to get her money out.
  5. Who... Milton Bradley?
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  7. Any chance that banks don't open their doors Monday? What if the feds say shut 'em down until there's a bailout deal? I know, maybe a little panic induced thinking but a few grand in my home safe would sure feel a little better than not.
  8. LOL Lorenzo. I remember reading Pit Bull and Buzzy Schwartz would always run to the bank for his gold in a crisis. :D
  9. If they shut down, it will be temporary and your money will not be at risk.
  10. i think they're capable of crashing the market, and shutting off ATMs until they get their way
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