Are americans the dumbest people on Earth?

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  1. Driving around I listened to sean hannity and he told something to the effect that sarah palin now leads obama among independents.

    You can like or not like obama but if you think sarah palin would be better you are delusional. Even scarrier is the love affair republican party has with rick perry. Stupid Texas swagger won't solve any of this country's problems. If you take W, make him dumber, and strip him of ivy league diplomas and upbringing you get Perry.
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    Perry is ok. USAF pilot, cotton farmer, Aggie. Gotta love those Texans.

    I would, however, vote for Pol Pot if they dug him up and he won the republican nomination. Anybody but Obama.

    Publix? That means you are from Florida doesn't it? You're disqualified to comment on politics if you're from Florida. Btw, your chad is hanging.
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    What part of "anyone but Obama" do you not understand?
  4. Yeah, you dont want someone like Palin...I mean if she ran the country like she ran alaska, what would happen? I mean she got rid of the private chef when she took office because she said she could make her own meals. She got rid of the private jet and sold it for pretty close to what was paid for it by the last governor. She got the largest pipeline deal done which is the single biggest project in the history of north america, something that others had been trying to do for decades and couldnt get it done. She tripled funding for special needs kids, something that democrats should like. She also raised a tax on the "rich, evil, oil companies" by 2.5% and got alaskans a $1,200 energy check, something dems should also like.

    So yeah...we dont want someone that is able to reduce deficits and at the same time spend more on things like education and projects that will actually create jobs and be useful.

    No...we want another one like Obama who quadruples deficits while destroying jobs and education.

    Yeah, you have to be completely delusional to vote for Palin, right? So glad I am smart and listen to the left wing media or I might actually vote for Palin and then everyone would call me delusional and other names for voting someone like that in office.
  5. i agree. infact i am praying about it. dear lord in the name of jesus please make palin the republican candidate. amen.
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    Obama has been a complete screw up since day 1. The argument against Obama has always been that this guy is nothing more than a media creation and he offers no real solutions to any of the country's problem. As it turns out, this argument was spot on and Obama is nothing more than an empty suit. It is getting to the point that a lot democrats are saying that Obama should not even seek re-election. What a long way we have come in the last 3 years.
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