Are Americans really this bigoted ?

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    Nice grammar. What was it you were saying about liberals being more intelligent?

    So you don't like Americans, America or how America and this web site are run?

    Tell us why you're here again.
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  2. Don't you have a KKK meeting to get to ?
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  4. really are a nutcase.
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  5. Sounds abour right.. here's the way it works out.

    Ghetto's get bigger.

    Go check out Bill Cosby - Brown vs Board speech, schools and education for the AA is deplorable.

    Are Americans really this bigoted, Imo, white people are a bit more tolerant the the old days, it's the dang Mexicans Hispanics asians muslims true africans and various ethic groups who don't put up with shit from the black man.

    Oh yeah, lets not forget the riots of the 60's and the continued threat of riots on any given day by AA. Nola's and soon to be florida.

    This is the 60's for the black man.
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  6. What about labelling people by their nationality? :D :D
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  7. That doesn't appear to be a valid example with which to not tar leftists. The OP' premise or question is: "are a majority of the posters on the Politics and religion thread seriously racist based on the apparent racists writings of several different posters?" Only one pedophiliac also espousing left wing views doesn't, as you point out, warrant a general connection between the two. It is just not a proper analogy as the OP is referencing several writers.
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    Here, let me help you out. When that "one" poster went on and on and on and on (i'm not kidding) and on about defending pedophilia, how many lefties came forward and said, hey dude, that's not cool, I have a young daughter or young son, cut it out. Guess how many? Take a wild stab how many, and there were a lot of lefties at the time posting, how many do you think stood up and said anything? I'll answer that for you...NONE. Now, do I really feel all those posters said nothing because deep down inside they support his views on pedophilia? No, of course not. They didn't say anything because he was a fellow lefty! It's the same on the right. I'm sure statistically speaking there are some card carrying bona fide racists in P&R. A normal distribution curve would testify to that. But are "all" or "most" or even a majority" racists? Heavens no. There are probably over 100 so called "righties" posting in P&R and maybe one or two that are a problem. So does that give the poster the right to label ALL P&R or all of ET or worse yet, ALL of America? Come on man. It's nonsensical.

    And also, let me add, simply making a racist comment does not make one a racist. Alec Baldwin will testify to that as he went on a rant about calling a reporter a Queen and how he wanted to put his foot in his ass but thought the guy might enjoy it too much. Anderson Cooper called him out on his homophobic remarks and asked why others on the left said nothing? They said nothing because Alec is a card carrying democrat. The same was true when Chris Mathews made racist remarks about the President, he also got a free pass. Apparently, it's not what you say, it's what you mean. Anyway, I digress. The OP has nothing to stand on. Don't defend him.
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  9. I agree with you that the assertion of Nine_Ender that racist rants in the P&R thread are emblematic of a deeper problem in our nation is farfetched, inflammatory, and simply shallow.

    But I was not defending the OP, although I understand how it appears that I did.

    Did Alec Baldwin sat that? That's a good line. John Belushi in a Playboy interview was asked about a criticism that had been leveled at him by a female writer and he responded, "Fuck the bitch. I'd kick her in the cunt but I don't want to ruin my shine". Another line I like.

    Partisan denouncement of boorish behavior and offensive commentary usually only occurs if the cost of not doing so outweighs silence. Baldwin is an actor. Had he been a politician, he would have been begging for forgiveness. Mel Gibson, on the other hand, made some extremely offensive anti-Semitic comments when he was drunk and under arrest and was censured by many. The difference I believe was the perception that Baldwin was acting the crass NY tough guy and making a masculine challenge to the reporter whereas Gibson's rant was seen as indicative of a hateful, dangerous and deep seated prejudice.

    But perhaps more Democrats should have spoken up to chastise Baldwin, but what can you expect? Some of the Dems are just sissies and fags.
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  10. A) Our Republican party seems to think that attacks, lying, etc. are constructive methods to distract from their recent failures which all but destroyed the world. I used to be a registered Republican so I appologize on their behalf.

    B) You're on the Internet. You're engaging people who like to debate, are abusive, spend more time with computers than other humans, or are otherwise bored and looking for something to pick up the pace of their day.

    C) Yes. Americans are bigoted. Unless they are native American Indian, they have no standing to criticize anyone, but they do continually.
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