Are Americans really this bigoted ?

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  1. The Political forum tends to send a clear message that labelling people by skin colour and supposed extremist politics is an everyday part of American life. To me its like revisiting 1960s America 50 years later.

    Is this simply because the Political forum has been hijacked by an eccentric group of "traders" who are bigoted and in some cases clearly racist in nature ? Or is this really America today ?

    I don't expect much from the forum when moderator TGregg is also describing what a "typical poor young black man" represents in the discussion. How about a disturbing stereotype that provides a platform for racists to spew their views ? If a representative of Elite Trader posts this kind of stuff, well, it say a lot about what is wrong with this site or America. Not sure which at this point, the discussion is so vile at times and not many people bother to counter it.
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    You have absolutely no perspective. There was a poster who lived down in P&R who had over 30k posts who spent considerable time defending pedophilia. Did he represent all the lefties on ET? No. Maybe a few, but not most and certainly not most Americans. Take a Xanax with a glass of water and relax. Surely you have better things to do with your life.
  3. I saw the title of this thread and knew it was this loser, Nine_Ender. Some people think the guy is just an uber-troll, but I believe that he truly is this clueless.

  4. Idiot.
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    It takes a lot of presumptuous arrogance to tell others how they should run their country and their web sites.
  6. So a country which has an ethnic minority president is bigoted?

    If you want to see true bigotry, no one does it better than Europe.
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    in liberalspeak the term "racist" means anybody that disagrees with a leftist.
  8. WTF ??? How the hell are pedophilia and lefties connected in your mind?
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    I didn't say they were. I said the guy who supported it was a lefty. And you know who he is.
  10. Who is it so I can avoid them in the future.
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