Are american's Generally Hypocrites? Yes or no

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are americans hypocrites

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  1. Alot of americans hated it when the mexican government tried to influence american domestic immigration policy. They were screaming up and down mad. But then those same americans were trying to use their influence to stop the mexicans from changing their drug laws to legalize small amounts of cocaine and marijuana possession. Pure hypocrisy. Then you have americans preaching democracy, freedom, rule of law. Then you have the same people saying they cant follow the constitution, the laws dont work, we cant have trials, you have to have your constitunional rights violated. Americans are hypocrites. They say one thing but belieave in another.
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    Your first statement is reasonable the second one is dubious. Who says the constituion applies to foreign terrorists? We have to see what the Supreme Court says.
  3. it applies to everyone. when the constitusion only applies to some, then it becomes worthless.

  4. The US constitution applies to American citizens and/or at times legal aliens, not non US citizens in other countries.

    That doesn't mean we don't have laws that apply to US citizen's behavior overseas or in foreign countries.

    As far as being hypocrites, the US has no patent on that behavior.

    In general, those who preach moral superiority, are often the worst offenders, especially when preaching from some religious platform.

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    With that statement, I can officially say that my dog's a lot smarter than you.
  6. The US constitution applies to US citizens only. Unfortunately some US politicians/Judges/certain left leaning citizens have disgraced themselves and their country by allowing illegal aliens to come under the US constitution.

    For a foreigner to say that the US constitution applies to everyone is patently insane. If you want the US constitution to apply to you then legally immigrate to the US and become a citizen. Otherwise pound sand.
  7. the us constitution,applies to everyone. If I visit the united states or its territories, or if Im visited by agents of the american government, under supreme court rulings I still have constitutional rights. Legal or illegal immigrants still have constitutional rights. Set force by many supreme court rulings. Police cannot cannot violate illegal immigrants constutional rights.
    Those there are some rights reserve for citizens, the main body of the bill of rights and the constitution applies to everybody.
    Im surprise you didnt know that.

  8. Foreign lands are not included in the protection of our Constitution.

    There are laws and codes of conduct that deal with the way American soldiers or citizens should behave in foreign lands, but the rights of our constitution do not extend to those non Americans living abroad.

  9. Reg you might want to learn more about the law and your rights. The constituion applies to everyone. As ruled by the supreme court. Yes some rights are reserved for americans like voting but the majority like right to due process, to protest, freedom of speech, privacy, etc are still granted to non citizens, including illegal immigrants. I feel like a grade 5 history teacher. You should know this. Im not even a citizen and I know that.

  10. Under those situations ZZZzzz they are under military law. If you dont know, the military and civilians are under 2 seperate laws. Military officers have to follow the military code of justice. Military code of justice applies whenever and whereever the soldiers are in the world. Whether they are on duty or offduty. Soldiers cant go into a foreign land and say I can rape a 2 year old girl and then kill her b/c he saids its legal there. He is under military code of justice, which he has to follow.

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