Are americans easily fooled? No offence but with paulson tricking the public again

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  1. This is no offence to the americans but are you guys easily fooled? You were fooled about iraq and wmds, that it was an immediate and present threat. And now you were completely fooled by paulson by the the tarp bailout. that the economy would have failed on the following sunday if it did not pass. So it begs the question are americans that easily fooled. Im really surprise why people arent with pitchforks and stringing up wallstreeters right now.
  2. are you friggin kidding

    its a damn big trailor park

    truely sad the garbage people pay attention to
  3. I don't know if there are any stats on this but it was my impression that a majority of americans contacted their reps in opposition to the bailout.

    At least I did, twice. Maybe somebody can back this perspective up with numbers.

    If this is the case, the system is beyond fixing and needs to be torn down. Or we need to find another method of communicating our points of view.
  4. people here care about pin flags and with whom you were drinking with 40 years ago. A nation of farmers is about to meet its old destiny
  5. but why arent there more outrage?

  6. Go for it. I'll send a Christmas card to your federal prison address.
  7. 95-99 percent of people calling congress were AGAINST it

    they werent fooled

    its a dictatorship
  8. But was it really necessary? I don't know much about it but when warren buffet says it's necessary I tend to believe him. I'm not sure if any other really successful people in finance were for or against it..
  9. so few people here actually understand economics. it's pathetic
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