Are Americans a Broken People? Why We've Stopped Fighting Back Against the Forces of

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  2. "The masses have never thirsted after truth...Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim."
    - Gustave Le Bon
  3. The people in money and power own the politicians, who run the government.

    I do not deny the critical issues of today, but what would you have us do, charge the White House with ipods?
  4. very nice quote! Machiavelli would be proud.
  5. Oh there's fighting alright. But all the wrong wars.

    retards on the right wing are fighting to

    -force everyone to believe in their fantasy religion.
    -Outlaw womens control over their bodies.
    -Fighting to prove by any means obama is not American
    -fighting to allow large corporations to continue ramming them in the ass
    -fighting to send more troops so they can then preach their version of religious fantasy to other people

    retards on the left wing are fighting for

    -right for guys to use other guys as their women
    -forest owls that are going to be dead soon anyway
    -to keep trees from being cut down so there are no forest fires
    -give all tax monies to house, educate and provide free healthcare to illegals and their criminal offspring
    -fighting to make spanish a official second language ( when the offspring of these illegal fuckers should be learning English )

    Now tell me which of the above "causes" actually merit my attention? I could care less about any of these useless causes.

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    You can still choose between Kang and Kodos.

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    That is how the big banker politicians divide and conquer: Keeping the mass emotional over crazy stuff while the moneyed power elite loot the country, ordinary working people lose to poverty and eternal servitude.
  8. You sound like a dumb fuck.

    How about comparing what an American bartender let alone what an American teenager working as a baby sitter earns compared to a skilled worker in Asia, Eastern Europe or South America. Let's not even compare standard of living. An American on welfare eats better than three quarters of global wage earners.

    Libtards once criticized GM as the epitome of evil Big Business but it's demise was caused by your so called victimized assembly line workers making 2 grand a week along with the so called victim American consumer using his FREE CHOICE to buy Asian cars built by workers making half an American wage.

  9. It's always been this way. It's natures law, there are only so many available spots at the top.

    The Romans had the gladiator arenas to keep the sheeple busy, these days they are provided football, nascar, "dancing with the stars", etc, to keep them busy.

    Regardless of the system of governance, the sheeple want to be treated like shit. Look at the tea-bagging garbage. Do you want these bottom of the barrel filth to dictate the nations laws?

    Since you can not fight inherent universal law, Why fight the club when you can join it?

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