Are all trading courses scams?

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  1. Of all the billions of courses, seminars, webinars, you-name-it, are any truly legitimate -- e.g., do they actually do what they purport to do, which is to train someone how to trade, consistently and profitanly?

    Morfe specifically, has anyone on E.T. become a successful trader after taking one of these courses?

    Just wondering...
  2. Think about it this way: Do you truly think you can learn to play the Piano by taking a course of the web?

    How much time do you think it would take before you could play duet with the best in the world.

    That's pretty much what you're signing up to do with trading.
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Best to work like a beaver.;
    and the younger beavers learn by watching older beavers and by getting thier feet wet . Cant learn with unexperienced dry feet.

    Books may help, especially since profitable trading is more complex than beaver pond building.:cool:
  4. Thats really a hard question. I am opposed to the blackbox systems that you see on infomercials or wild claims on websites / magazines. That being said I think that if you can find someone to teach you a methodology that isn't insanely expensive, then go for it.

    But before you do that, I would advise you to just do research on the net (tons of free stuff) and buy books on Amazon or Ebay. Then once you get a core understanding, start looking for someone to help you get to the "next level. If you are one of those lucky ones, just doing your own research may be enough.

    Think of this as getting a degree in university. If you can accept that concept, then you will understand how much time and dedication is needed.
  5. I view trading courses much like the courses you took back in college. They give you some ideas, they give you a frame work to work with, but they are not likely to be the holy grail. I have found that it only takes one key distinction to take your trading to a whole new level. My suggestion to you is to check out the author and see whether or not he can "walk the talk".
  6. Is comparing something primarily physical (playing the piano) with something mental and visual (trading) fair & accurate?

    I took piano lessons for 8 years and still play. I never could have learned to play a piano without constant interaction with the instrument. I have taught my self to trade in about the same 8 year period of time and done it watching and researching the Markets in from of a computer screen. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't the web viewed on one of them?

    I agree that a majority of courses are worthless but there are a few that offer some worthwhile information. You just have to make sure the person that teachs the course or offers the information is a trader as well as an instructor. Also make sure the course is well rounded, offering trade & money management and ongoing support.
  7. This is soooo easy.....

    If an individual can be found that can show you consistently profitable monthly statements...then this venue has some possibilities....

    All the rest are snake oil derivatives....
  8. How is that an appropriate analogy unless the question was "can you learn to be the one of the top 1% traders in the world by taking a course"? Even then playing a piano is nothing like trading (as ProfLogic said).

    There are many things that are difficult to learn by taking a course and many things that lend themselves to learning in that way. Difficult: Physical activities (martial arts, dancing, sports). I don't see anything inherent in trading that would make learning how to trade by taking a course not work.

    That being said, the question remains: does the person who wrote the course really has any useful information to share with you. If what they are teaching you is so successful why did they need to develop and sell the course for money in the first place (e.g. why didnt they just follow their own advice to riches).
  9. The answer is simply YES ... 99% of trading courses will not deliver as promised or advertised (Trust me on this one)!

    The 1% that deliver are usually not courses at all, they are EDUCATIONAL material and that's all they promise or claim to be.

    If you want my personal views after wasting 50k on a lot of rubbish pm me, I can save you a fortune and more importantly tell you where you can get the best education.
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    Interesting pattern again that libertad warned you about;
    and many snakes found around a beaver pond are poisonous.

    Even good risk reward of books or profitable pro pond builder simply DOES NOT predict your sucess. You may suceed with work.

    Some play radio/tv beter than play piano, and you may;
    want to read/reread Rich Dennis interview again because
    Jack Schwager noted even with a profitable teacher,
    thats no prediction of sucess.

    The plans of the diligent tend only to advantage.
    Solomon,trader/investor king
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