Are all traders in P/L thread day traders?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by innovest_11, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Just curious, are all of them day traders? Seems there's only few swing traders, and most are day traders, pardon ignorance, cause return to this forum only recently after some time
  2. You ask a question if all traders in the P/L thread are day traders.

    However, you then said only a few are swing traders.

    Simply, you already answered your own question in that not all are day traders because a few are swing traders. :D

  3. It'd be interesting to see who is doing, in terms of trading style (day, swing, etc).
  4. In my observation, some of traders there use a combination of day/swing styles; some of them trade intraday only.
  5. Im sure all the guys who post daily are daytraders, not every swing trader closes their positions out daily and records a profit or loss.
  6. If you use a combination of day/swing trading styles, you can still have a daily P&L and you may have a larger Profit/loss occasionally. That's my style and I posted my P&L there for a few months this year.
  7. The advantages of day trading: no need to worry about overnight risks; its leverage ratio can be higher than swing trades; it has the highest return on equity if your equity is less than, e.g., $100k and you are very good at day tradings.

    The disadvantages of day trading: you need to focus on market all the time; your return on equity decrease when you have more and more capital; it is more stressful than other trading styles.

    The advantages of day trading are basically the disadvantages of swing trades, vice versa.

    My trading statistics: day trading volume accounts 95% of my total volume, but day trading profits accounts only 40% of my total profit.

  8. Sorry, I didnt mean to leave out the hybrid guys, part swing part daytrader :)

  9. Today i tried my hand again on day trading, tried my luck on rimm, mer, fcx, u know, these beaten down stocks, trying to catch their rebound, seems not easy

    Have to be so nimble, and cannot use limit order, else will be gone, and profit quite little, but my order size also small, but nearly been caught by fcx of big losses