Are all the "common" indicators public domain?

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  1. I mean the ones that are mentioned in every book. This is MACD, here's the formula and pics. This is stochastics, this is the formula and pictures. This is ADX, etc.

    I'm guessing that these indicators and their formulas are not proprietary or owned by anyone.
  2. MACD was developed by Gerald Appel.
    Stochastics was developed by George Lane.
    ADX was developed by J. Welles Wilder.

    Since they have published/disclosed the formula in their books or something, everybody knows how the indicator values are constructed. Does that make it a "public domain" property? I don't know. Many charting software support them. Or you can write your own.

    One can freely use their formula. But I think we should all attribute the indicators to their creators.
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    Have a larrupin' good time finding any two implementations of the common indicator "Sequential" (also known as TD_SequentialTM) by Tom DeMark, that produce the same answer.
  4. Finally....some actual insightful advice from "cold". See buddy, I knew you had it in ya :D

  5. Was that post deleted? I don't even see it in this thread.
  6. Correct.

    Every data provider supplies these and many more and pays no fees to the developers