Are all Liberals racist?

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  1. Are all Liberals racist? We already know the vast majority are Racist, when democrats link to well known racists like Bill Maher, and all the democrats cheer like they are at the most recent klan meeting, it is a shame.... these people have no shame........ Is every single Democrat a racist?

    I am curious whether or not Racist democrats will try to justify the fact that they posted videos from a storm fronter like Bill Maher.

    At this point i can only asume that every single democrat is a racistt
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    If that's your assumption then you wasted your time asking.
  3. I notice that you have not condemned the use of storm front videos like Bill Maher, so you must also be a racist.
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    I haven't even watched it, I was addressing your logic. And I'm not a democrat.
  5. Well then you might not be a racist, but the fact remains that the vast majority of democrats are racist,

    Underneath their belly where they pretend to seak tolerance, democrats end up posting videos of storm front members like Bill Maher. There is no justification for this. You should condemn these racist videos if you are not a racist.
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    It's only the "vast majority" now? How they'd improve so quickly??
  7. Because you dropped out of the race..... I gave you the benefit of the doubt but now i think you might just be another racist democrat as well given the fact that you refuse to condemn these actions.
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    If I'm not a democrat, then your initial 100%, and then subsequent less-than 100% would be unchanged--I never was part of the count. But if I am a racist democrat as you're now beginning to believe, then... which is it? they are all racist, or the vast majority are??
  9. You hould pack up your sheet and try to get your fellow klansmen to tone it down. Gabfly is posting racist videos, you need to tell him to stop.

    This kind of racism is not funny anymore, I am offended.
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    I was thinking the same, it's much warmer now but I still have the winter flannels on.
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