Are 24-hour futures markets the best for full-time intraday traders?

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  1. Are 24-hour futures markets the best for full-time intraday traders?

    I'm a technical anylst and trend follower

    I just wonder if (nearly) 24-hour futures markets are the best places to trade (eg forex futures markets).

    As I intraday trade, the same amount of money can be re-used frequently. So the longer time I can trade the more opportunities I can catch to make gains.

    Based on this logic, it seems 24-hour market is much more attractive to me.

    Any opinion?
  2. KS96


    You need to get some sleep sometimes.
    Good against stress (and hairloss).
  3. I knew about that.
    But it sounds great that I can trade all the time during the day & evening! And I don't need to pay a lot of attentions. I just need to catch the trends!
  4. Don't forget making love to ur gf/wife sometimes
  5. I changed my hours of trading to better
    suit my style and the results are wonderful
    I think I only had 1 losing week this yr and it was due to losing my discipline on a friday

    I would prefer to trade in a different time zone

    but for now am not moving so during the week
    I sleep in the hours people usually are awake
    mid morning - early afternoon
  6. Do you trade London hours ? I think they open 3am Eastern Time.
    That is brutal.
  7. I'm not sure but 24-hour seems to give us a lot of opportunities.

    When we wish to trade, the market is always waiting for you (except weekends).

    We can use the same amount of money time over time to gain more in 24-hour market.

    But if you trade a 10-hour market, you have to wait for the next day after it closes.

    So it seems I should concentrate my efforts to analyse 24-hour markets - same effort, but possibly double/triple rewards!
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    Waiting is good.
  9. def

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    There is always a marke/exchange open. Why limit yourself to one product?
  10. =============

    Ks96, good points.

    24-7 works fine;
    just not for long term trends,
    or medium trends.

    True that you can go without sleep for ;
    short term ,
    & even if you give up all the profit to your medical Doctor, at least you got to live 24-7 short term:cool:

    Also you would have to change your name from ''daytrader'':cool:;
    free country , have at it. Some include Asia, but not 24 hours.
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