are 1600x1200 monitors still being made?

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  1. I'm old fashioned and I like the 4:3 monitors, not the new 16:9 widescreens. I had a 1600x1200 19" monitor, and I really liked it. Mostly, I liked the 1200 vertical resolution so I could see many lines of code at once.

    Does any company still manufacture and sell 1600x1200 anymore? After a few searches, all I've found are used, off-lease, or refurbished ones. If not, I may have to consider a 1920x1200, but I don't think it will fit on my desk.
  2. I am not sure if they make new ones. You can buy used ones.

    Or, you can mount your 16:9 ratio monitors in portrait fashion. By: 1) Get a monitor stand that allows you to rotate 90-degree at will. Or 2) Unscrew/screw the 4 screws on the VESA mount to turn that 90 degree. But need to make sure the monitor stand is tall enough to accommodate the portrait style.

    Windows 7 supports both landscape and portrait orientations.
  3. thanks for the responses. The Dell is $400, a bit high. I'm going with an off-lease from TigerDirect, they've got one for $110.
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    They don't make 1600x1200 monitors anymore. I used to have a nice Samsung one.

    Right now I am on my 1920x1200 25.5" Asus monitor. Very nice!
  5. HP LP2065 is still being made.
  6. "Off lease" means it was leased to a company for a specific time... usually 2-3 years. Then when the lease is completed, the owner takes the equipment back and disposes of it.

    The original owner/lessor usually discounts the used equipment very sharply to some other enterprising buyer who then sells the used equipment to consumers as "off lease". In Dell's case, they have Dell Financial Services... they own the equipment, lease it to a company, then take it back at the end of the lease.. to sell directly to consumers without a middleman.
  7. I suppose there is still a market for these new 4:3 ratio LCD monitors. Perhaps for some applications, the 4:3 ratio is better. But by and large most new LCD monitors you find in this market are 16:9. These monitors are fairly reliable. I still have 5 of them that I re-used for non-trading purposes. If I want one I would not hesitate to buy used ones. But $400 for a new 4:3 20" LCD seems a bit steep in today's market.
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    A lot of cheap displays are cheap for a reason. Same goes for the expensive ones.

    It all comes down to the technology behind the display.
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