Arctic Sea intercepted by Mossad

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    Laden with qualifiers, "alleged", "probably", "speculated".

    Still, it is enough for us, I mean one of our client states, to go ahead and bomb Iran.
  3. Good for Mossad if they actually pulled it off. Intercepting an illegal shipment of weapons en route to its enemies is pretty amazing.
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    Illegal?? LOL

    What's "illegal" about it???

    Lemmie see if I got this straight, when Israel sells American Patriot Missile technology to China, that's 100% "Legal".

    But when Russia sells inferior technology to Iran, that's "illegal"....

    Yah, okay.

    I'd like to see Israel knocked down a few pegs. Iran will never use nukes on Israel. It'll just put the Zionists back in their hole.

    Think about it. Iran has been a declared WMD State for over 20 years!!! If they wanted to use to Chem or Bio weapons on Israel, it would have already happened.

    A few nukes won't change anything.

    But please, A-Person. Commence your whining :D
  5. The US does not attack countries with nukes. Thats why Iran wants them.
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    Iran hasn't attacked Israel because they would be vaporized if they did.. and most of the world would react with a big yawn too...

    There is an embargo on Iran, likely it includes weapons, likely nobody is enforcing it very vigorously, so Mossad has to do it themselves.. if you want something done right you have to do it yourself... the US isn't going to do anything with BO Pelosi and Company in charge.. they gave nearly a Trillion dollars to Palestine right after BO took charge of the teleprompter.. and immediately Iran was caught shipping arms to the Palestinians... there is an example of taxpayer's money at work if ever there was one...

    North Korea is shipping arms to Iran, Russian Mob guys are shipping arms to Iran... I thought Obama's world tour wherein he apologized to everybody for the very existence of the US and her capitalist system was supposed to get everybody to be friends or something? Didn't Jimmy Carter and Clinton take suitcases of money to North Korea, I thought that the diplomatic solution was in place... I guess we need a lot more diplomacy before these problems will go away :D
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