Arctic Sea Ice Levels Hit Record Low

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  1. nothing to worry about here. the resident et braintrust has declared global warming false:

    'We're Running Out Of Time'... 'I Am Sh*t Scared'

    As Arctic sea ice levels hit a new record low this month, scientists and activists gathered to discuss how to bridge the gap between scientific facts and the public's limited understanding that we are, in their words, "really running out of time."

    The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) released preliminary findings Wednesday suggesting that on Sept. 16, Arctic ice covered just 1.32 million square miles -- the lowest extent ever recorded. This minimum is 49 percent below the 1979 average, when satellite records began.

    “The loss of summer sea ice has led to unusual warming of the Arctic atmosphere, that in turn impacts weather patterns in the Northern Hemisphere, that can result in persistent extreme weather such as droughts, heat waves and flooding,” NSIDC scientist Dr. Julienne Stroeve told Greenpeace in a press release.

    Wednesday morning, a group of climate scientists and activists met at a Greenpeace International panel in New York to strategize on potential responses to the changing Arctic climate.

    "There's a huge gap between what is understood by the scientific community and what is known by the public," NASA scientist James Hansen said, adding that he believed, "unfortunately, that gap is not being closed."

    What the scientific community understands is that Arctic ice is melting at an accelerated rate -- and that humans play a role in these changes.

    According to the panel, humans are "really running out of time" to prevent atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations from reaching levels that would precipitate runaway climate change. Hansen warned that even maintaining current concentrations of approximately 390 parts per million for several centuries "guarantees disaster."
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    I have heard over and over again that this ice is going to melt and sea level is going to rise and yada, yada, yada. Some of these clowns are claiming that Florida is going to be completely underwater.

    One simple question then. If 50% is supposedly gone. Where is this rise in sea level?
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    Brother Wild...

    Do you believe that man's actions have caused any warming on the planet?

    yes or no
  4. The reality is for the past 33 years the Arctic ice has been decreasing while the Antarctic ice has been increasing. Does anyone else but me think that this has to do with normal cycles relating to the tilt of the earth's axis that have been going on for the past several million years - and not "Global Warming".

    Antarctic Sea Ice Sets Another Record
  5. I didn't really like that article. This suggest a pole shift. IOW, we are still screwed.
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    Oh brother.
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    A pole shift huh? How does a small town third shift enema flunky know that?
  8. Variations in Earth's axial tilt have been a constant through the entire history of the planet. One typical impact of changes in tilt are an increase of sea ice at one pole and a decrease at the other pole.
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    Somewhat of loaded question isn't? The question should be can human dramatically alter the climate on the planet through CO2 emissions.
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    Ummm...wouldn't that be the same thing?

    It was a very simple question.
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