Arctic Ice Melting Faster Than Previously Thought: Report

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  1. i know. global warming is fake to most if the thinkers on et but a little education never hurt anybody:

    STOCKHOLM -- A new assessment of climate change in the Arctic shows the region's ice and snow are melting faster than previously thought and sharply raises projections of global sea level rise this century.

    The report by the international Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, or AMAP, is one of the most comprehensive updates on climate change in the Arctic, and builds on a similar assessment in 2005.

    The full report will be delivered to foreign ministers of the eight Arctic nations next week, but an executive summary including the key findings was obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday.

    It says that Arctic temperatures in the past six years were the highest since measurements began in 1880, and that feedback mechanisms believed to accelerate warming in the climate system have now started kicking in.
  2. So is liberalism.
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    How can something that occurs naturally be fake? :confused:

    Warmest since 1880 you say. Wow that's like 131 years! How old is the earth?

    Btw, if the they thought it wouldn't warm this fast (per the title), that means they were wrong. What makes this report any more credible than past reports?
  5. It was warmer 800-900 years ago. I wonder how they stopped global warming that was happening back then?