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    Is there a reasonably friendly way to store daily and monthly activity reports for off-line viewing and printing? (e.g. being able to use locally stored .js, .css, .gif files)?
  2. Try saving the statement in .htm format. To do this, with the statement open in your browser, go to File > Save As and in the "Save as type" field select "Web Page, HTML only". When you open the file you will have the full statement with all sections expanded.
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    Thanks, but what you are suggesting works with "Legacy" statements only (It does NOT work with the "new" format of statements).

    Try this:
    Save a "New" statement as .htm file, as you have suggested. Close the web-browser to clear it's cache.
    If the browser does not clear it's cache automatically upon exit, empty it manually. (In IE you do this: Tools > Internet Options > General > Delete Files... > Delete all offline content > OK)
    Next switch the web-browser to off-line mode. (File > Work offline).

    Now, when you are off-line: open the archived file you previously saved as .htm file and tell me if you like what you see.
    I hope, now you understand what I mean by "off-line" archive.
  4. Statements sent by email can be saved and reopened offline. I save these emails (in the outlook.pst file) and have access to them whenever offline. You could also save them as webpage and keep them in a separate folder on a different disk as a backup.
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    Since you do use IE, one easy option - besides email, as mentioned above - would be to save the statements "as Web Archive, single file (*.mht)."

    This is more compact than saving "as Web Page, complete" (in both IE and other browsers). The latter also works, but creates entire folders, necessary for off-line viewing.

    Personally, to save a multi-screen dynamic on-the-fly page, I prefer to print to a .pdf file, using free CutePDF Writer. (PDFCreator also works well.) That gives you all the benefits of pdf, such as WYSIWYG, compactness, portability, multiple viewing options, password protection, etc.
  6. HOBO,

    I tried what you said with today's activity statement. It took quite a while to delete all of my files, including the offline ones. Then I closed the browser and opened my saved file. It worked. So I don't know what else to tell you.
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    How about "printing" the statement to PDF?

    that seems the simplest.
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    what version of ie are you using? if something other than the latest version, that could be your problem. the new html statements have problems with mac firefox.