Architect Jailed For Creating Fictional Child Pornography

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  1. The damage to his reputation is a lot worst than what he did. The state should be prosecuted and forced to pay him a million dollars. Unbelievable that the authorities wasted time on this - and seeing as there was not realistically any harm done, this makes it quite clear that they do not object to what he does so much as who he is.

    This is also quite clearly a violation of the 1st Amendment, as determined by past Supreme Court decisions. One should always shred any paper trash. Wouldn't have happened if he had shredded it.

    The elderly man won't survive 10 years in prison.

    Jay Lockett Sears allegedly put cutout faces of children on pictures of adult bodies engaged in sexually explicit activity. Some of the pictures were found in the trash.

    Long Island architect charged with possession of child porn

    He’s no angel.

    A Long Island architect to the stars was arraigned Friday on charges he made child pornography by cutting and pasting photos of children's heads on the bodies of nude adults having sex.

    He also pasted pictures of his face on the male bodies in some of the images, according to authorities.

    Jay Lockett Sears' dark secret was uncovered after he tossed out boxes containing hundreds of the sick images in the trash. The trove was discovered on Jan. 11 by the garbage collector at the Brookhaven Town Dump, according to court papers.

    He apparently moved out of his East Moriches apartment two days ago, said a former neighbor who declined to give his name. The neighbor said a fireman conducting a routine safety check two years ago warned him Sears' apartment was so littered with photographs it presented a fire hazard.

    Actor Michael J. Fox had his home designed by Long Island architect Jay Lockett Sears, who was arraigned on Friday, Jan. 25, 2013, for possession of child pornography.

    "I feel sorry for the guy," the neighbor said. "But when it comes to child pornography, there's no excuse."

    Wearing a tan, button-less leather jacket with his long white hair slicked back, Sears remained composed as U.S. District Magistrate Arlene R. Lindsay ordered he be held without bail. She said his defense could propose a bail package next week.

    Sears, 73, has designed homes for actors Clint Eastwood, Michael J. Fox, soap star Susan Lucci and opera singer Kathleen Battle.

    In a 2008 interview with the website, Sears revealed he appeared as a surfer in the 1950s beach flick "Gidget."

    "Surfing is my number one love over women and money," Sears said told the website. "It's indescribable, better than sex."

    His other passion was a nonprofit called "Mission of Kindness," which he founded more than a decade ago to help needy children and adults.

    In an affidavit, FBI Special Agent Danielle Messineo described Sears' tossed images as "depicting adult bodies engaged in sexually explicit activities with the heads of identifiable minor children cut out and pasted onto the pornographic images."

    Some of the young girls in the headshots were apparently photographed by Sears at the Quogue Beach Club in the Hamptons.

    Federal appeals courts throughout the United States have held that authorities are obligated to protect minors from becoming victims of sexual abuse, and that distributing these types of morphed images put them at risk of "reputational harm" and "exploitation," according to the affidavit.

    "The altering of children's photos to create child pornography victimizes those children to provide merchandise for a depraved market," said FBI Assistant Director George Venizelos.

    Authorities said Sears was investigated in 2007 by the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office for creating similar pornographic pictures featuring adult women and a 14-year-old girl, but no charges were filed.

    Sears faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

  2. If someone wrote a fictional story with child porn in it, is that against the law? Is my question against the law?
  3. Yes, that is against the law. Here is a guy who got 10 years for writing fictional child porn stories. He never touched a child or possessed actual child porn.

    That popular 1950s novel by Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita, would be completely illegal had it been written today.
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    Legal or not, what kind of sick pervert does that?
  5. I wonder if they could charge you if you read the Nabokov novel today, never heard of him by the way.

    Edit: I just read the link about the guy who wrote the child porn fiction. I know it's probably wrong 1st amendment and all but I'm glad they locked up the sick fuck.
  6. Seems a bit fucked up and simultaneously silly to me.
    IMHO: fucked up is legal
    I just don't see a crime here except beyond poor judgement and bad taste.
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    I'm undecided. And don't care much either.
  8. Anytime I'm undecided like that I ask myself:
    "Is it worth spending my money and all that entails to lock this person away?"
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    If poor judgement and bad taste were a crime, we'd have to lock up everybody that voted for Obama.
  10. I don't know, but how long is the "leap" from fantasy to acting it out? Is it months, years or never?

    Every crime I'm sure began as an innocuous seed.
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