Archi vs. Brut

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by schlepers, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. I was wondering what others think of the two ecn's. The only thing that I can see as the major difference between the two is Brut being part of super montage?

    They both have connectivity to different sources of liquidity: market makers, other ECN's.

    The only difference I can see is super montage participation or not. I actually like Brut instead but I wanted to see what others think of the speed when stocks start to move very quickly and you need to lift an offer or hit a bid.
  2. qazmax


    ARCA routes Super Montage...
    BRUT just allows for Directed trading via Super Montage.

  3. tenfly


    I guess it sort of depends what stock you're strading on, but for me I LOVE Brut and really hate ARCA..Again, depending on the stock.

    Brut allows you to shave while ARCA does not. BRUT pays higher credits and is slightly cheaper if you are removing liquidity.

    I used to trade SUNW and JDSU basically all the time and couldn't stand ARCA mainly because you would have an ARCA on the BID/OFFER with a size of 600+ and it would take forver to get filled. Out of all my trades, I probably used ARCA 1% of the time.

    Again, this could all change if you are trading a different stock such as YHOO where the size of the bid/offer is sooo much smaller..
  4. qazmax


    What does this mean "allows you to shave"??

  5. tenfly


    Allows you to bid/offer to the fraction of a penny.

    Instead of $4.34. BRUT allows you to go to $4.3409

  6. OHR


    Brut is faster, has better rates to add and remove, sub-pennies for low-priced stocks like SIRI, and posts in and routes to SuperMontage and other ECNs.
  7. Gambler12


    I hear BRUT has been gaining a lot of market share. They have been having record days.
  8. Brut is fast, economical and reliable! A number of traders feel the same way and have set-up Brut as the default destination on their box.
  9. How would you differentiate routes of the various platforms...versus the built in smart algorithms which are in both ARCA and BRUT...if BRUT is better...why does ARCA have more total volume...?
  10. Dustin


    Does BRUT have hidden orders?
    #10     Feb 9, 2004