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  1. got this in email this morning:

    Arch Crawford, Wall St astrologer/technician will be on CNBC "Street Signs" with Ron Insana Thur Dec 15 bet 3-4 EST

    To discuss the Full Moon opposite Pluto, all aspecting Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, as well.

    It should be interesting!
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    I would like to ask him about the 10th planet's effect on the markets.
    (By the way, Pluto is just a big rock. There is a bigger rock further out there, so we either have 10 planets or 8...)
  4. Wonder if he will discuss the Bradley Siderograph turning point that comes in tomorrow . . . on Triple Witch.
  5. What's a Bradley Siderograph??

    Tomorrow is Quadruple Witch, right...?
  6. so what did Archibold have to say?
  7. They ended his short segment before he has a chance to get much into the stars.

  8. what is the Full Moon opposite Pluto ? and how is it significant to Mr Crawford? caught only a portion of his appearance yesterday and I have to say it made me laugh when he started talking about the moon
  9. I agree it is funny... but take the time to put all the full moons and the new moons on the sp500 daily chart by time...

    it's kinda interesting that you have many swing highs and lows during these moon phases... hard to trade though...



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