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    Hi. I am thinking about switching to another arcade in the city. Anyone out there who has/is working at one of them? Where can i get the best limits for little/no cash up front on account? what are the splits like? what should i look out for?
  2. Keep well away from refco...people breathing down your neck all the time, rubbish split, people haemorraging left right and centre.

    not particularly cheap either.
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    yeah thats what i had heard.

    what about some of the other smaller arcades such as kyte, fct, candlestick etc etc. know anything about them? ever worked at any other of the arcades?
  4. had a mate at candlestick, contract a mile thick, boiled down to basically you had to put up 10k to cover your losses, they took no risk. these places are just brokers.

    ever traded at refco...?
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    no, had a look around the place but didnt like the sheepishness of the hr guy there and the lack of security for your own cash. prob wouldnt go there, given recent scandals etc
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    what city?
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    they only take experienced traders though i think


    well if you are one of 'the chosen people' you may get a fair deal i hear, if not, then forget it.
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    Financial District in London is known as "The City" or "The Square Mile"
  10. Have you looked at STA, Sonny SChneider is a goo dbloke and can offer a fair deal....
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