Arca WebBook free for now?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by cgtrader, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Cruising the Arca website...

    "NYSE Arca Web Book fees are being suspended effective November 1, 2006. Any Web Book fees already charged to a subscriber will be credited to their account. No further fees for Web Book will be charged until further notice.

    NYSE Arca is suspending fees for Web Book because the SEC approval for our fees has been challenged by an industry coalition. In accordance with SEC Rules, we are suspending all fees until this matter is resolved."

    Can any current users comment on the ARCA Web Book or what ARCAVISION is?

    A screen shot would be great.

    Is the ARCA book equivalent to the ISLD book? It doesn't look like it.
  2. rcj


    Wow!! Very nice to have the web book back. Now, i wonder if IB will include the Arca levels in their DOM for free??
  3. this thread needs a bump: i see that arca book ain't available on ib. since fees have been suspended, ib needs to reinstate the book availability asap, presto.

  4. what arca fee's were suspended? most direct acces brokers charging between $10 and $30 a month for top line only arca quotes. i bet island starts charging soon also. fee's going up everywere
  5. they are suspended 'till further notice. a group of investors complained hard to the sec + many of us independent traders made well aware the sec of the implications of having to pay a premium just to see inside quotes. good the sec has been far.

    this is exactly for the reason u state; if arca starts charging what's stopping all other ecns from charging a fee also. avg investors will have to pay 100s of bucks a month just to see inside quotes...not that fair innit.
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    google/yhoo/iaci/cnet together all complained about it.

    island only charges for the bookviewer, level 2. i don't agree with that, but it still for the normal investor or trader is not a big deal.

    the archipelago one, as i've detailed elsewhere (and also included in my letter to the sec), threatens transparency for everyone, as there's no reason for ALL exchanges not to charge for their data.

    what would likely happen, longer term, is new exchanges would come in with "use our ecxhange, we don't charge for data!" but face an uphill challenge because they wouldn't have market share. and the consumer would get screwed.
  7. q. to ib: when are u gonna reinstate arca quotes?
    this is an urgent issue...if everyone can see them now we we should as well.
  8. hmmm. IB behind the curve here?

    The fees are an abomination. Let that crook Grizzo(sp) pay for it out of the blood money he stole.