ARCA uptime?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by bungrider, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Does it ever work, or is their sole purpose to cross markets with bad quotes???
  2. It's a test, along with OneChicago, to see how gullible the world of financial traders really is
  3. You're right, it seems to be almost a conspiracy sometimes. Usually when activity picks up and you need to act, ARCA goes down and you have no choice but to send your order to the nice 'ol boyz at amex!

  4. Hey - watch your tongue!!! - they prefer to be called "the good 'ol boys at AMEX"


  5. They're too busy preparing those f**cken CNBC commercials.
  6. ARCA definitely gets my vote for WORST EXCHANGE EVER.

    While they have morons braying on TV about speed and liquidity trading the QQQs on ARCA, two of my SMART orders have had the misfortune of being routed to ARCA, where they have been pending cancel for about an hour now.
  7. Actually, since ARCA doesn't seem to be a temporary problem:

    def, do you think it would be possible for IB to implement a "SMART_WITHOUT_ARCA" routing option?