ARCA Problems?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by ortega, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. ortega


    Has anyone else experienced ARCA problems? It seems that nearly everyday something goes wrong. I don't know if it is my software (GR8Trade) or ARCA itself. ISLD on the other hand gives instant executions and cancels.
  2. I get that sometimes, Sucks doesn't it :p
  3. ortega


    Thank you, I find your posts insightful!
  4. DaveN



    What do you mean when you say ARCA problems? There are some things about ARCA that might make it appear to be problematic, such as sending a marketable order out to another exchange for execution at a better price. That exchange may be NYSE or AMEX, and while the specialist there sits on it, it may seem that ARCA has 'stuck' when it's really functioning normally. Any details you could add would help.
  5. Arca is a type of smart routing order ECN, which send
    your order to diferent ECN and markets and marketmakers

    Sometime when it goes to selctnet, a market marker
    take the offer, but not obligation to excute it untill short
    period of time, and when MM refuses your order, it has
    to remain there for sometimes like 10-15seconds even
    you hit cancel order.

    I have read this in a book, but may be little differnt than
    what i explained.
    (the book: Tools and tactic of master day trader)
  6. hans130


    i never had much of any problems with arca, maybe its ur software vendor, specially when u say its happening every day.
  7. human


    also use not so great trade and get the stuck arcas as well. its def a great trade thing. somtimes arcas can be slow for listed but if you check the nasdaq stocks you ll see nothing on the montage but stuck arcas all the way down, crossing the market by sometimes as much as 20 cents