ARCA or INET - who is more liquid?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by cashonly, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. cashonly

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    Now that INCA and ISLD have merged, which is the more liquid ECN - INET or ARCA?
  2. HoCk


    totally depends on the stock I'd say.


    With the exception of Microsoft (Huge Arca size at almost every penny), INET is much more liquid.
  4. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Any differences between NASDAQ and NYSE liquidty for the two?
  5. One thing to remember when trading ARCA...the "give up" you see on the screen (ARCA, of course)...shows up on most traders screens the same whether it is a liquid ECN order, or a bid/offer from one of their market makers. As most of you are aware, the MM's bids/offers are not "pure" Electronic other words, you may click them and they go away...not a big concern, since this the way the OTC MM system works.

    I was on the phone last year with Jerry Putnam, the big boss at ARCA, discussing this quoting method...and he acknowledges the MM's as well as the ECN quotes may appear the same on many screens...

    You should test for always, understand the system, play well.

  6. cuz


    Wow Don I really never noticed that from Arca, I have always found them to be very liquid

  7. qazmax


    INET - more liquidity in OTC market
    ARCA more liquidity listed markets

  8. Don,

    Can you explain this in a little more depth. Are you referring to OTC or Listed quotes. I am not exactly clear on what it is that you are stating here.


  9. Hmm , news to me, and 99.9% of traders I'd guess IF what you are saying is true. You mean tell me that an ARCA quote from a MM is not firm and executable?
  10. Still waiting for the explain. I refuse to trade until I'm clear on how an ARCA post can not be 'live'. Meanwhile, you can find me at the slots.
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