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  1. What the hell is going on over there? I get bulletins almost every f*cking day that ARCA is unavailable for trading, then it is availble. Then it's not, then it is.

    Is it the exchange or IB's connection to it?
  2. It can't be ARCA because I have had no problem using that route through my broker.
  3. Lame ass ARCA quotes have been dying on Cyber as well.
  4. i see the same thing on IB with ARCA,
    i thought i read something the other day about ARCA and REDI
    anyone see or know what this was
  5. arca and redi have been merging systems which has been a technology nightmare apparently.
  6. amTrader


    A call yesterday to ARCA showed that they are still having problems with their feeds. They are working on it but it will take several more weeks from the looks of it.
  7. zxcv1fu


    From time to time there were messages of ECN problems in Real Tick. Today is not ARCA, it is NITE.

    By the way after the ARCA & REDI merging, ARCA is going backwards, no more stop or trailing stop orders. It si a joke since even Datak has trailing stop now. Also the execution seems no the best fill. Sometimes I say my limit order in level 2 book locked with mm in the other side. It'd never happened in pre-merged days. Currently I am looking for other ECN to use, any one has good stop? May be I should move $ into my Datak account to trade from there. The fill is fast & best price, the commission is much lower.

    Very disappointed with the new/worse ARCA!
  8. Josh_B


    Yeah arca is a joke lately. It is not even acting like an ecn.

    Try to hit it when it crosses the market, and it pulls out. Quotes were not stale. Every time I hit it it disappeared, after I cancel there it shows up again.

  9. zxcv1fu


    ARCA is not as good as befrore. When I tried to cancel then I saw it was placed under REDI. Whatever it does, it should improve & not like this.