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  1. I'm starring at my practice account noticing that you can buy and sell at the closing prices from friday. The eur/usd, and the eur/jpy have moved significantly away from these prices. If the market were to open in 2 minutes I could short as much EUR/JPY right now and turn around in 2 minutes and cover 35 pips lower. On a real account would i be able to buy/sell at these friday close prices? Or is this free money to good to be true?
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    lol you'll have to dig a little deeper than that
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  4. ok, keep making fun of me, but will someone who actually has a account answer my question for an actual account can you buy/sell the currency pairs at the friday closing price during the weekend, or is all trading suspended until the trade desk is opened. On a practice account, you can buy/sell the currency pairs at the closing price. Because the european markets moved away from the closing price sunday and monday ( did not open until monday night because of the new years holiday) it left an easy arbitrage oppurtunity.
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    Shhh. Of course free money isn't too good to be true, but you don't want everyone else to find out about this.

    I usually make more than $1,000,000 in a few minutes on Sunday nights using this free money machine. Now that you've put this out in a public forum, it probably won't work anymore.

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    Although the interbank market never really closes your brokers charts do.

    I'm not sure what your asking but if I understand it right your platform is showing a bid and ask 30 pips higher/lower then the chart? and you want to know if you can get that fill ?

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  8. surf,

    On, if i had a position on friday that I held until after the close, the practice version of the Gain Capital platform that uses would allow me to liquidate my position anytime during the weekend at fridays closing prices. It also allows me to establish a new position at these friday closing prices if I desired to do so. Is this any different in a real (non-practice) account.
  9. any punk rocker trader is a friend of mine, so here you go:

    no, you would not be able to do this in an actual account.

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    Thanks for a real response, sometimes very hard to get around here.

    alright, everyone else, keep up the bashing
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