arbitrage opportunity?

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  1. So the megamillions is going on for over 600 million dollars

    yet there are only 176 million combinations.

    Couldnt a billionaire buy 176 million tickets for each combination and pocket the 200 million or so of the NPV of the payout after taxes?

    edit, i know the only risk is if multiple people win but even if another person wins you should still be in the money.
  2. odds are there will be multiple winners so you are risking big money

    there is also tax

    try another way to get rich, the billionaire doesnt need bullshit like this
  3. gtor514


    In the early nineties when Lottery programs were becoming adopted by many states, there were a few investment companies that adopted the strategy of buying huge blocks of lotto tickets in the states when and where the lottery was big enough.

    They were so profitable that most states adopted new rules and changed the lotto machine technology after lawsuits which prevented this type of manipulation.