arbing the NQ + ES

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by SethArb, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. ok ...can some smarty jones
    ( excuse the horsey pun)

    tell me how they would adjust their sheets
    or vols or pairs here ?

    after softee news in AH their is no way I can figure out how one would arb this overnight

    ( I did make 3 ticks so that paid for my bottle of merlot and pocket wine book I bought today )

  2. 1000


    What is your monthly contract volume? If less than 500, forget it.
  3. yes ... unless your commissions are rock bottom

    its not a wise thing to try this arb stuff

    by the way ... it seems the movement
    of the ES and NQ is back in line since my post
    in the early am

    ( i.e. ES up 10 handles and NQ up 20 handles )
  4. 1000


    This 10, 20 handle stuff is only to rock the boat, to try and send the softees over board, who haven't buckled up.

    It is doing nothing for the national and global economy, just turning an open free market economy into a closed black box economy.

    When more and more people start to buy, the market is just going to get dumped.

    It's fair to say that while long term rates remain low, short term rates are going to keep on going up in order to balance income and expenditure. So why everyone wants (thinks) the Fed to stop raising rates?
  5. KS96


    I hope you are not arbing by hand...
    What are your chances with all those programs out there?
  6. 1000


    You need to know how to bust the straddle, and clear the bull/bear ramp. Those programs don't work on their own.

    It works every time, until the pit traders get so pissed off, they gang up against you, but even then, there is an antidote for that.:cool: