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  1. it seems they are a new company.
  2. has anyone heard anything about these guys?

    [guys with one post who joined on august 2008 are not included in "anyone" btw...]
  3. They both have the same IP address. :cool:
  4. I've heard of them...they are an extension of the Man Boy Love Association (MANBLA)..they opened up so they could trade in freedom and not feel pressure about being an open pedophile...

    why do you ask??? how did you hear about them?:confused:
  5. Guys get a new approach this one is as old as me and stinks more. You are just being lazy and obviously your company has nothing to offer.
  6. Hey guys, maybe I am spelling words wrong or may be I am not expressing myself properly. English is my second language that is the reason for misspelling and misunderstanding.
    But don't take it as a joke or some kinda propagation of any company. I just wanted to know if anybody knows them?

    Actually I am going to open a trading floor outside of US. So, there are not many companies who work with international customers. I am gathering an informations about brokerage firms who work globally.

    thanks again

    PS. I don't care what others think about me, I just asked what I needed, if you can help I appreciate it.
  7. no offense mate, but people here tend to be allergic to vendors... and many vendors have come around saying, have any of you heard about (insert product name) I think it is very new and different...

    you seem to know more about them than we do... can you give more details on who they are?

    Swifttrade, Tittle, and WTS also work on a similar model [you pay them to open a trading floor, they provide capital, technology, and training...]
  8. Thanks eusdaiki for your suggestions.

    I can't tell anything about them myself neither, couse I don't know them well. So I asked.

    Actually, I am looking for brokarage firm whose payout is 100 %, even if they have higher comm rates. If you guys know any could you give me links or names, please.

    I contacted couple big firms but didn't get what I wanted. So I keep looking till I find one.

    BTW, is this 100 % payout plan possible in Trading? am I looking for something that exist, what do you guys think?


  9. you speak a near perfect broken english!:D

    question though....why would one want a 100% payout and not care about his commission ( TICKET CHARGES)????
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