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  1. Today I went to an information session with this firm in Montreal. They are a firm that trade futures on different markets in Canada and the US. No overnights. So here are what I have learned:

    Plus side:
    1) The guys seemed very straight forward in the warnings. They told us we should not expect to make money in the first year, that we would be under a lot of stress and that it would be difficult for our loved ones also.

    2) They do offer teaching and mentoring over the span of a few weeks and you don't need to pay for any of it.

    3) Then you will be on simulator (obviously) for around 3 months and you will have the chance to test many strategies. If it pans out well, you will then be trading the firm's capital (no deposit).

    4) They have their "system" but they say they are always open to listen to what their traders can think and looking for new trading strategies and maybe vehicules.

    Minus side:
    1) I guess it goes with the fact that you don't put any capital but the split is 50-50 for the first 300K of revenue in the year.

    2) The fees you need to pay for technology, desk etc is 2000$ per month, which seems steep to me but I'm no expert. This fee is added on your "tap" whenever you don't make enough money to cover it on any given month.

    All and all, the guys made a good impression on me but I'm open to any constructive input. I am still undecided about the whole day-trading thing.
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    That would be a deal breaker for me.
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    What kind of buying power do they give you to get over that 300k high water mark?
  4. 2000 a month is very high!!!!! unless then are giving access to a co-located server to run a algo through, 2k a month seems like they are not in touch with some of the other firms

  5. 2000 is very low. Most companies charge from 3000-7000$ using TT.
  6. They don't do algos essentially. They offer 2 different trading platforms but I don't know either of them, they are not the ones I am used to hearing about. All I remember is that one comes with esignal.
  7. Do they have a website or contact info
  8. website:
  9. what is teh platform they use, it seems swiftmike says TT, do they have any other options for platform
  10. Its possible one is TT but he definitely mentionned they had 2 choices
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