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    What a dog. I know someone using this in his practice, and it is a great product. It saves lives. Supposedly the company has no debt. They gave some dubious excuses in the last earning conference about backorders, but what really pisses me off is when I emailed their IR dept, my E's were blocked as spam. So FU ARAY management (since you don't want to listen to your investors).

    I've heard that maybe the yearly maintanence fee is huge, making this unit less profitable then some would like. Maybe that's why this thing sits on it's ass on 300 point market days.

    Their is a rumor about that Patrick Swayze is having his pancreatic cancer treatd with this. Good luck to him, as this is his best hope. ARAY's best hope is to ditch the current management, and get someone who can take a great product to it's proper levels.

    These types of investments are exactly why I have all but abandoned investing for trading.