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    I know Jack Haddad, and Jack personally knows Brian Hunter from quite a few industry conferences, he wrote this article for my site on the subject, it may provide some insight.

    What do you guys think?
  2. (1) Jack Haddad has too many "credentials" after his last name. (2) Ideally, only wealthy investors lost money in the fund, not widows & orphans. (3) If the market had gone his way, Brian Hunter would have become regarded as the next Paul Tudor Jones. (It's supposed to be a compliment.) (4) If he didn't lose too much of his own personal money in the fund, he'll probably attempt a comeback within two years on his own.
  3. It was a very short article lol so it did not really say much. Also the author is a doctor in San Jose and San Fran... and a hedge fund manager at Merrill Lynch? Nice to know my doctor is worried about the bond spreads as he is about to perform surgery...
  4. not much there
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    Is it common for people to put MBA as part of their crediantials? I have seen CFA, CPA, or Ph.D.'s, but an MBA? I would think telling people you've got an MBA is a _detriment_ to your credibility.
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    Rather than make whispers in the wind comments about a cascading effect in markets due to some derivatives transactions, he should detail what he thinks/knows/

    Otherwise, looks like a marketing article
  7. Maybe Jack could tell us if the fund managers had good knees... that is about the only inside info on this topic he could possibly contribute...

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    Comeback in 2 years? Don't think so, he's probably trading gas futures through IB as we speak.

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    Haha I like that. Sits on IB and squeezes his own positions.
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