Arabs always accuse Israel of stealing land, but they do it themselves!

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    Not only stealing land, but money and basically everything they can get their dirty little hands on. Here are some excerpts from the article.

    "Then there was the apparently common practice for royals to borrow money from commercial banks and simply not repay their loans"

    Another popular money-making scheme saw some "greedy princes" expropriate land from commoners. "Generally, the intent is to resell quickly at huge markup to the government for an upcoming project."

    A banker who claimed to have a copy of "written instructions" from one powerful royal that ordered local authorities in the Mecca area to transfer to his name a "Waqf" -- religious endowment -- of a small parcel of land that had been in the hands of one family for centuries. "The banker noted that it was the brazenness of the letter ... that was particularly egregious."

    The confiscation of land extends to businesses as well, the cable notes. A prominent and wealthy Saudi businessman told the embassy that one reason rich Saudis keep so much money outside the country was to lessen the risk of 'royal expropriation.'

    Finally, royals kept the money flowing by sponsoring the residence permits of foreign workers and then requiring them to pay a monthly "fee" of between $30 and $150. "It is common for a prince to sponsor a hundred or more foreigners,"
  2. Why did you change your name again Sameeh? Did the americans and israelis make you do it?
  3. I am not as filthy as you are AliHousain. As for your stupid article, how is a corrupt Saudi Royal related to a Palestinian family living in a refugee camp for the past 60 years??

    Does your stupidity have any limits?
  4. Hi Sameeh, how are you? :D
  5. They are both Arabs, thats what they have in common. Maybe if Arabs were not so corrupt, the refugees might be a little more prosperous in their country.

    I'm not Alihousain by the way, but it is strange that this new guy comes in and his rhetoric is just like yours.