Arab media downplaying beheading.

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  1. Full story at,1280,-4082030,00.html

    From the article.

    `The news story itself is strong enough,'' said Jihad Ballout, spokesman for Qatar-based Al-Jazeera. ``To show the actual beheading is out of the realm of decency.''

    Lebanon's private Al Hayat-LBC station led its bulletins Wednesday with the video. Its news presenter said: ``We apologize to our viewers for not showing the entire tape because of the ugliness of the scene.''

    Yeah, riiiight. Just imagine if it had been a Jew/American beheading a Muslim how many times it would have been shown.
  2. The Civilized World must praise the Arab television networks for doing the decent thing for the right reasons... in any case, there are much more important things to commit airtime to than the beheading of a single businessman...


  3. I'm betting fox will be showing the video by the end of the week.

    Really sucks how those poor people found out about the video -- from a reporter on their front lawn, apparently.

  4. ummmmmm do you mean photos like these:confused: :confused:

    More of our tax dollars at work down there... freaking unreal:( :(
    hmmmm I wonder why such is not showing up on our news...:confused: :confused: you know for equal presentation of all sides at least....

  5. Suicide bombers. The Jews didn't so that, which is the (unintended) implication of your post.
  6. dgabriel, I wholeheartedly agree with you...

    Nolan... although I agree with much of your analysis on Iraq and your criticisms of US foreign policy, I believe that your condemnation of the State of Israel is flawed... when innocent Israelis are being suicide bombed on a daily basis, they have no option but to take appropriate (often pre-emptive) action...

    Eretz Israel!
  7. dgabriel, candletrader, agreed and thanks for the kind words.

    By no means I was condemning or endorsing Israel on those photos above. The post was about what is presented here in the states as far visual inputs a response (not an attack) to spect8or on that issue, and his quote. I have posted before on some of Israel's "improprieties" ........ bulldozing over US citizens and no word here no news coverage etc... :( :( :(

    There is a mess down there, and I'm not sure if my tax dollars are helping it or making it worse, but I digress on topic on this thread.:) :)
  8. Another picture of peace activist Rachel Corrie.
    (Your site seemed to miss this one) Corrie burning us flag.htm


  9. Agreed (finally something we can agree on).... Corrie was a slimeball bitch, who supported the suicide bombing of innocent Israelis by Palestinian dogs...
  10. So I can understand this properly:
    A US citizen was burning the flag (looks like a hand drawn US Flag) in protest. AND, in your mind the proper response is to bulldoze her down?:confused: :confused: Are you condoning her death and the incident? Is bulldozing her down justifiable? She was a US citizen killed by Israelis.

    Make it clear so we can understand your position. :p

    are you ppl gone mad??? Were do you live? what laws do you abide by?:confused: :confused:
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