AR-15 Prices Hit The Skids

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  1. pspr


    It might be a good time to pick one up if you haven't already.

    Gun enthusiasts who rushed to purchase AR-15s at the height of Congress’s recent debate over gun control may soon regret having spent so much money.

    It appears that the market for the popular rifle has bottomed out.

    The average price of an AR-15 has in recent weeks returned to the $800-$1,050 range, down from its all-time high of $2,500 (averaged), according to the gun blog The Truth About Guns.

    “After the gun control scare earlier this year, demand for AR-15 rifles went through the roof. People were maxing out their credit cards on fears that America’s favorite firearm was about to be banned by the powers that be,” writes Nick Leghorn, the testing and reviews editor for the blog.

    “This cleared the entire available stock of guns, and made manufacturers ramp up to meet demand.

    “It was good times for manufacturers, but now the AR-15 bubble has burst and things are looking downright depressing for manufacturers,” he adds.

    And it appears the supply of AR-15s, once feared by many to have run dry, is flowing again. Below is a photo Leghorn snapped recently while in a Cabela’s sporting goods store:

    “By now, everyone who ‘needed’ an AR-15 has found one. Even if they emptied their bank accounts to do it, they have their rifle,” the report continues.

    “But with sales slowing down, the price of an AR-15 is cratering. People are no longer willing to buy at the inflated panic-level prices, and dealers are starting to discount the guns in order to clear their shelves,” it adds.

  2. So Obama made his haters empty their bank accounts and max out their credits cards to pay top dollar for AR's that quickly lost more then half their value...Nice LOL !!!!
  3. Some people are so predictable.

    and now some of them can't even get ammo for those guns.:(.
  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Captain clueless doesn't realize that when prices half, people will double their purchases.
  5. jem


    Yes some of the ar prices on buds are back down to how it was... when last time I looked they did not have any.

    Almost as if with these scandals the stopped an unknown govt buying spree.
  6. pspr


    Ammo is becoming more available, too.

    The wife's birthday is next month. I wonder if she would like a new AR-15. :D
  7. Are you sure, isn't there a limit on how many of these guns people will own ? I don't want one but if I did I'd wait for the next republican to be president then pick one up cheap.
  8. Redneck


    Get her one done up in pink cammo :cool:

    Mine has a 38 in pink & SS - she loves it

  9. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Of course there's a limit to the number of guns one person would own (well, most people). But with more and more folks getting into guns, the trend is up for usage. Don't let Dopey47 tell you otherwise with his ridiculous NYtimes survey. Just look at NRA membership.
  10. I thnk an awful lot of people are going to be buying, at least in the traditional gun areas. They saw a real threat to private gun ownership up close and aren't going to take that chance again.

    It will only take one more obama Supreme Court appointment to gut the Second Amendment. My advice is stock up while you can. Keep them in dispersed, secure locations.

    I would consider a minimum safe level of armament for a couple to be a couple of Glocks or M&P's, ideally more, two AR's in 5.56, two tactical shotguns, at least one battle rifle with scope in .308, plus soft body armor. In a real SHTF scenario, you're going to want ceramic plate armor, but it is pretty expensive.

    I would welcome suggestions from others on this board with more experience, like brother Leapup.

    ps. In lieu of 5.56, I am beginning to like the idea of getting AR's in the same chambering as your handguns, eg 9 or .45. Realistically, you are going to be using the AR's at close range, where a big pistol load will be very effective.
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