AQNT: just hit 52 week high

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by gabe, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. gabe


    aqnt just broke out of ascending triangle to reach a 52 week high, seems like a good buy, no?

    edit: in premarket trading, if that makes a difference
  2. gabe


    did anyone else get in on this?

    can someone help me out with this trade?

    i dont really know what a good target is since its setting these highs. should i just keep a trailing stop and see what happens?

    any help is appreciated
  3. nassau


    as we really never know the agenda of a stock and the break out could be real or a head fake one thing that usually happens on a new break out is a test of one or more of the supports to verify the move. If you believe in support and resistance levels. How was volume etc.
    our rule of thumb here is when in doubt get out.
    since you have not entered a long position I would wait and do more dd while anticipating the support? pullback

  4. Insider trading... Hmm... Ya think... On another note, do you think the DOJ would still allow MSFT to buy YHOO? Can MSFT afford it?
  5. I dunno about YHOO, but I heard that MSFT wants to buy GOOG.

    That would suck, because you know what? I really like Google.

    Not that I don't like Microsoft, too, but I think Microsoft owining Google would make Google less good at what it does.
  6. But can MSFT afford Google?
  7. S2007S


    As of now, everything is possible, now after the credit bubble bursts, probably not.

  8. MSFT cannot afford to buy Google now. The price would be way over a hundred billion. They could not do it, nor would the DOJ let them. Be real...
  9. Looks like you were the only ET member that had AQNT on the radar before the big move, good call.
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